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El Paso wedding photographers specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography with a touch of pizzazz for the past 19+ years.

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Why Choose Wedding Xpressions Photography for your wedding

Who is Wedding Xpressions?
Husband and wife team of Marcos & Elba Martinez

Some of the many reasons to book us for your wedding:

We care – This is one of the most important days of your life! We get that. We do everything in our power to make it the best day ever for you… before, on your day, and after. On your wedding day, our ONLY focus is your wedding. We don’t put a limit on the amount of time we are at your wedding (we average around 15 to 17 hours per wedding day). When we say all-day coverage, we mean it.

Capture Emotion – Our wedding photography is not only about capturing beautiful pictures, it’s about all the emotion, the Love and relationships. We capture LOVE like no one else! 

Been there – We have over 18 years specializing in wedding photography. We’ve seen all types of weddings so we know how to capture your unique event.

We see you – Every wedding is different. Every couple is unique. We don’t do cookie cutter coverage. We see you and your personality and capture it in our personalized coverage.

We are here for you – We are full time wedding photographers. Your wedding is our focus. Call us or text us anytime.

We love LOVE – It’s All About Love! That’s not only our tag line, it’s how we live our life and how we run our business. We specialize in wedding photography because that is what we love to do. You can feel it in your experience with us; you can feel the love for our craft as well as our love for you. Our images are focused on capturing love as well.

Always getting better – Even though we love our style of photography, we are never completely satisfied. We are constantly looking at ways of improving our work in every wedding. That means that your wedding will be our best wedding ever!

It’s all about your experience – We know that it’s more than just about pictures. We strive to make your experience with us top notch. Talk to any of our previous clients and that is one of the things they mention first. But don’t take our word for it, check out client testimonials HERE.

Quick turnaround – Wedding photography IS our day job. We work on your images and album quickly. You will get your album, wall portraits and everything else in weeks, not months after your wedding.

We need you – We don’t advertise. We rely on our clients being ecstatic with their experience with us. That is the only way they will rave to their friends about us. That is what has kept our calendar full for the past 18+ years!

El Paso wedding photographers Marcos & Elba Martinez

We work together – We are a husband and wife team. We’ve worked together since the beginning. You get two experienced artists that know what each other is thinking by just a glance.

In-House – Everything is custom made and done by us in-house… the photography, the photo editing, the custom album designs, the framing selection, custom cards and more. We take care of it all, from beginning to end.

We’re married – We know what it feels like to plan an elaborate wedding. We know what your wedding really means. We’ve been married for longer than we’ve been photographers. We love weddings, we love marriage. We understand the important meaning of the wedding day. We not only take care of your photography, we help guide you in your wedding planning so you have the wedding of your dreams.

We love El Paso – We moved to El Paso over a decade ago and we fell in love with it. We love everything about it. We love showcasing El Paso and Las Cruces in our photos. We know the best places to take you to get amazing images.

We love trying new things – We’re not afraid to try new things to get the shot. To personalize engagement sessions we’ve gone off-roading, shot of fireworks, played with fire in the kitchen, traveled all over the country and much more. We started the first photography blog in El Paso. We also introduced modern wedding photojournalism and flush mount albums before most people had even heard of them.

You are in the details – During your wedding day we will capture every detail, from your wedding dress, shoes and rings, to every detail in your wedding reception. We know how long it took you both to decide on every little thing. You are in the details, so we make sure we capture everything.

Our Style – Wedding Photojournalism with a touch of Pizzazz! This phrase was coined in Belle Magazine while showcasing the first wedding we covered here in El Paso. We tell your story in a real, beautiful, fun and creative way.

Be yourself – Since we are there to capture the real you, feel free to relax and enjoy your wedding. We’ll take care of the rest.

We have fun – We love what we do and it shows in our images. It also shows in us because have fun capturing your memories.

ROI – We know that hiring us is an investment. You can easily go and hire a cheap photographer, but your wedding day is too important to you. We make sure everything you get from us is top-of-the-line. At the end of the day we know that you will be extremely satisfied with your choice.

We are the wedding photography specialists – If you hire just any photographer, it’s like hiring a pediatrician to do your triple bypass surgery. He might get the job done, but why risk it? Hire the specialist.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to setup an appointment to meet in our studio.

Client Testimonials

Yamil & Veronica

Testimonials by Yamil & Veronica

The pictures that Marcos and Elba take are amazing! They show everything exactly the way it happens and the way it should be. Not to mention they are some of the friendliest people we know. We took both our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures with Wedding Xpressions.

Elba made sure that we got the wedding and pictures that we deserved. They both made sure that our engagement session was very fun and romantic. At our wedding they were very professional and always stuck to the schedule that was set out by the wedding coordinator. They showed up on our wedding day in formal attire (something that we’ve seen many other photographers not do), which we appreciated very much.

We both loved the fact that they stayed with us the whole day. (unlike many other photographers who will leave your wedding to go take pics of another quince). I think they had just as much fun as we did on our special day and all of their products are of the best quality!

Yamil & Veronica

It's All About Love!

Capturing every detail and emotion at your wedding is our passion!
We have specialized in wedding photography for the past 19 years
because this is what we LOVE to do.
We offer the best photography, service and products in the industry.
We don’t just take beautiful pictures of your wedding...
We tell your story while capturing all the emotion, love and special moments
that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Marcos & Elba
Wedding Xpressions Photography

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