Wedding Xpressions greatest promotion ever

In the two decades that we have specialized in wedding photography, my wife and I have always provided the best photography coverage and included great products and services in all of our Collections, but we have never had a promotion as great as this one… not even close!custom wedding album

Whenever you hire someone to do something for you that is truly important, you always hire a specialist. That is what you get when you hire us. You get the LOVE we have for capturing weddings and our two decades of experience.

This month, we have decided to offer you something truly amazing!

Here are the discounts on each collection. To see what is included in each collection, view our Collections book below.

Forever in Love Collection
$5500   This month only $4500

Eternal Love Collection
$4500  This month only $3500

Endless Love Collection
$3500   This month only $2500

In Love Collection
$2500   This month only $1950

Basic Collection
$1950   This month only $1500

If the collection you choose does not include one of the following Add Ons:

Hybrid Video Coverage
$1250   This month only $580

Engagement Signature Guest Album
$560   This month only $360

Engagement Digital Files
$480   This month only $380

There is a catch… you must book us during this month of July 2022. Your wedding can take place during 2022 or 2023. Call us today or fill out the form below to set up an appointment to meet with us in our studio this month. If we still have your wedding date available we will meet with you to go over all the amazing details.

We are available to meet in our studio any day of the week between 10am – 8pm. Let us know what day and time works best for you.

We are super excited to meet you!

View our Wedding Collection book below to see our Collections.
Keep in mind that the book has our regular pricing. View above for your special pricing.

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