Recommended Vendors

Here is the Wedding Xpressions Photography Recommended Wedding Vendors List:

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* These vendors are on this list because I truly believe they are the best in town from what I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot).

We are currently working on updating this page with a lot more info on our recommended vendors. Come back soon to see.

Recommended Wedding Vendors


Reception Halls:

Grace Gardens

Learn more about why we recommend Grace Gardens

DoubleTree Hotel

El Paso Country Club

150 Sunset

Coronado Country Club



Elite Video Productions

(915) 855-6828

Alberto Gomez is our recommendation for wedding videography.


Hair & Makeup: I recommend you do a trial run prior to the wedding day.

Playing with Colour

Lydia Mendoza

Foliage Salon & Spa


I love the ambiance at this place.  Great relaxing place to start your wedding day.

They are located on the west side.


Barragan’s Salon & Spa


Barragan’s is also a very nice place to get your hair and makeup done.  I recommend this place especially if you and many of your bride’s maids and family will be getting ready together.  They accommodate large groups.

They have locations on the west and east side of town.



Cedar Entertainment – DJ Ferris

(915) 240-8713

Chris Ferris is the best DJ and MC I know in El Paso.  He is very professional.  He also offers great lighting services for the dance floor and the reception hall.



Wacky Photo Booth

(915) 412-5933

The Wacky Photo Booth is a great way to be sure that your guests will have a blast at your wedding.  “It’s like a jumping ballon for adults”.  It’s not your typical photo booth.  It’s a lot better.  Check out the web site for more info.  The best photo booth option in the El Paso/Las Cruces area.


Wedding Planning Website:

We hope you find Wedding Xpressions’ recommended wedding vendors list useful.