Trey & Jessica’s Album Pre-Design

Album Pre-Design

Each slide you see here is an open album spread (two pages).
The images may look small here, but they will look a lot larger once the album is printed. An open album is about 24in x 12in.
View each album spread and let us know if you like it as is or if you would like to make any changes. Please be specific.
Your collection includes a 30 page 12×12 wedding album. This pre-design has 30 pages.
You can decide to purchase additional extra pages ($35 per page) if you wish to add more spreads.
Each spread is two pages.

Your parent albums include 20 pages. Please choose the 10 spreads you want included in your parent albums.
You can add addtional spreads to your parent albums for $25 per page ($50 per spread).

Cover Material Options

Please choose one cover material.

Cover Stamping Options

Select either Foil Stamping (small text at the bottom cover of the album) or Debossing (larger text centered on the cover of the album).

Then select the color for the stamped text.
Also email us the exact text you want stamped on the cover.