Porfirio & Bertha’s Wedding at the Doubletree Hotel in El Paso Texas

Porfirio & Bertha’s wedding at the Doubletree Hotel in El Paso Texas. ¬†They had both their wedding ceremony and reception at the Doubletree in downtown El Paso.

Porfirio_Bertha_01 Porfirio_Bertha_02 Porfirio_Bertha_03 Porfirio_Bertha_04 Porfirio_Bertha_05 Porfirio_Bertha_06 Porfirio_Bertha_07 Porfirio_Bertha_08 Porfirio_Bertha_09 Porfirio_Bertha_10 Porfirio_Bertha_11 Porfirio_Bertha_12 Porfirio_Bertha_13 Porfirio_Bertha_14 El Paso wedding of Porfirio & Bertha Porfirio_Bertha_16 Porfirio_Bertha_17 Porfirio_Bertha_18 Porfirio_Bertha_19 Wedding Xpressions Photography Porfirio_Bertha_21 wedding ceremony at Doubletree in El Paso wedding at the doubletree hotel in el paso texas wedding at Doubletree in El Paso Porfirio_Bertha_25 Porfirio_Bertha_26 Porfirio_Bertha_27 wedding Doubletree Hotel El Paso

You can also view Porfirio & Bertha’s engagement session photography at the pecan orchards.

Wedding photography at the Doubletree in downtown El Paso by wedding photographers Marcos & Elba Martinez of Wedding Xpressions.

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